Esther Katro’s Bet With Stoshball

Esther Katro’s Bet With Stoshball

Proof That The Grammy’s Are Stupid: Chaz and AJ wanted to remind people watching the Grammy’s last night, not to get too invested in winners, since they actually have a pretty terrible history….


Live Nation’s Jim Bozzi on Upcoming Concerts:Chaz and AJ spoke to Live Nation’s Jim Bozzi about the upcoming shows you can look forward to, and the ones that are still in the works.


Esther Katro’s Bet with Stoshball: Fox 61’s Esther Katro was in with Chaz and AJ, fully representing her Philadelphia Eagles. Stoshball called in to make a bet with her, that should the Patriots win, she’ll go on a date with him.


Esther’s Bad Date: Last time Esther Katro was in with Chaz and AJ, she told them about her date that showed up wearing sweatpants. A Tribe member happened to be listening, and thought he could do better….


#DumbAssNews – Two Crossbow Shots to the Heart: A Russian man attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the heart, with a crossbow. According to the Tribe member that sent the story to Chaz and AJ, it’s true.