Stoshball Is A Really Good Sport

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Stoshball Makes Good on His Bet with Esther Katro: Fox 61’s Esther Katro called Chaz and AJ from Philadelphia, where she celebrated the Eagles winning the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Stoshball was in studio, prepared to hit the streets of Milford in a thong…..



AJ’s Tired of Patriots “Fans”: Stacey called Chaz and AJ this morning to challenge AJ on his assumption that female Pats fans don’t know anything about the game or the team.




Petey Boy, Live from Vegas: Petey Boy miraculously woke up in time to talk with Chaz and AJ about the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, and why he had to help a guy get onto a plane.



Will Noonan Live from Boston: Boston comic Will Noonan joined Chaz and AJ to share the mood around town after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.



#DumbAssNews – Eagles Fans Destroy Philadelphia: Some terrifying scene from Philadelphia after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, including a guy trust falling into the crowd after climbing onto a hotel awning