Watch Comedian Nikki Glaser Attempt Pick Up Stuff With Her Feet!

Watch Comedian Nikki Glaser Attempt Pick Up Stuff With Her Feet!

It was a fun day on Friday with the awesome Nikki Glaser. She demonstrates her foot talent:


Boss Keith vs. Phil’s Mom on Oscar Nominations: Boss Keith was on the phone with Chaz and AJ for his weekly Top 5, which focused on this year’s Oscar nominations. After Keith said that no one cares about the nominated movies, Phil’s mom Heather …


Nikki Glaser’s Weather Bunions: Scot Haney was on with an update for the Nor’Easter, while Chaz and AJ remembered Nikki Glaser’s material from the roast of Chaz and AJ.


AJ Rates Nikki Glaser’s Feet:Comedian Nikki Glaser remains barefoot, while Chaz and AJ learn her shoe size, and AJ’s rating system for women’s feet on a 10-scale.


Diego the Toe Sucking Freak: Chaz and AJ were unable to move on from talking about Nikki Glaser’s feet, especially once AJ started to give her a foot rub. Then, Diego from the Tribe called in to admit he’s a “toe sucking freak.”


More with Diego the Foot Fetishist: Chaz and AJ continued with Diego, who admitted his all-time celebrity foot fetish, and then Pam startled Nikki Glaser with her curly toes.


#DumbAssNews – Nikki Glaser’s Bare Feet: Comedian Nikki Glaser was in studio with Chaz and AJ for Dumb Ass News, and was immediately asked to show her mangled feet to AJ live in the studio.