Stoshball Runs! What’s This Lady’s Problem With Parades?!

Stoshball Runs! What’s This Lady’s Problem With Parades?!

Shanna’s Problem With Parades: Shanna in Waterbury was not impressed with either St. Patrick’s Day parade she attended this weekend, and called Chaz and AJ to put the blame on the common denominator: the kids.

Jimmy Koplik on U2 Ticket Price: Chaz and AJ spoke to Live Nation’s Jimmy Koplik about U2’s show not selling out, apparently over public outcry regarding ticket prices.

Stoshball Interviewed People at New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Chaz and AJ brought in Stoshball, who was out in the streets of New Haven yesterday during the St. Patrick’s Day parade interviewing fun people.

Scot Haney’s Nor’Easter Forecast: haz and AJ had Scot Haney the Channel 3 weather God on the phone to give an in-depth look at tomorrow’s Nor’Easter. Plus, problems with FB live audio.

#DumbAssNews – England Bans Shock Collars: Chaz and AJ have a fun history with dog shock collars, which have now been banned in England. To celebrate, Chaz and AJ played one of their favorite Magilla segments.