Ringo Starr Receives Knighthood

Ringo Starr Receives Knighthood

By Danielle Costa

Ringo Starr has become the second member of The Beatles to receive a knighthood.

The Beatles drummer was knighted by the Duke of Cambridge in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Ringo Starr, whose real name is Richard Starkey, told the BBC that the honor meant a lot to him. “It means a lot actually. It means recognition for the things we’ve done. I was really pleased to accept this,” said the drummer.

Billboard reports that when the announcement of the knighting was announced, many people wished Ringo Starr congratulations, including hisย fellow band member, Sir Paul McCartney. Sir McCartney said in a statement, “Huge congrats Sir Ringo! Sir Richard Starkey has a nice ring to it. Best drummer, best pal! X Paul.โ€

The knighting comes 53 years after The Beatles received their MBEs together in 1965. Sir Ringo stated that he was a little nervous accepting the honor alone. “I was a bit shaky today on my own.”

When asked what he would do with the medal, Sir Ringo joked, ” I’ll be wearing it at breakfast.โ€

Congratulations, Sir Ringo Starr!

Photo Credit: PR Photos/Izumi Hasegawa