Guns & Hoses: Police and Fire Thanks-For-Giving Chili Cook-Off

Guns & Hoses: Police and Fire Thanks-For-Giving Chili Cook-Off

Fairfield Firefighter and Monroe resident, Greg Swindon responded to a garage fire started by a lighting strikeat 1300Mill Hill Road on Thursday, June 28th, 2018. The fire was extinguished.Firefighter Swindon and others were performing overhaul when he was struck accidently with a co-workers halligan tool.

Firefighter Swindon was knocked to the ground and was bleeding from his face and head. Greg was assisted out of the structure by other firefighters and received immediate medical attention. He was transported to an area hospital where he received numerous stitches in the head for his wound just above his eye. Due to a fall resulting from the head trauma, Greg also injured his arm.

He has already been out of work for the past three months waiting approval for his surgery from Worker’s Compensation. Finally he was scheduled for shoulder surgery Friday, September 28. Following surgery Greg will be out of work an additional 4-6 months, depending on how quickly he heals.

As if being injured wasn’t enough, Greg’s wife, Melissa was recently diagnosed with Huntington ’s disease. This is a progressive brain disorder that affects movement, speech, mood and thinking skills. The disease continues to worsen over time and will eventually become debilitating. Melissa is already feeling physical and psychological symptoms. Coupled with the stress of her husband’s injury, Melissa is fighting depression and anxiety.

It has been very difficult for the couple to manage their day to day life with their two young boys, Jack 5 and Ryan 2. They have been fortunate to have the support of friends and neighbors. However the fears of being out of work for 10+ months is beginning to take its toll on the family. To make matters worse, the water well needed a new pump and there are areas where their roof is leaking. The expenses for these two unforeseen household repairs couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Greg has been a member of the Fairfield Fire Department for the past seven years. He comes from a family of giving people. His father is an educator and volunteers at Jesse Lee Methodist Church as an organist and his brother, Jay Swindon has been a Fairfield Firefighter for the past 15 years.