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  • ESPN

    Chaz voted ESPN for them not doing their jobs...providing professional sports coverage. And the Tribe agreed! Oh, they also weren't a fan of this guy either: Read More
  • 8-24 Facebook A-holes

    Pam’s having a rough time taking care of her dog, so we decided to post a video about it and let people offer their support in the comments. Unfortunately, a couple of people decided to actually take time out of their day to write something negative. Thanks Internet, you’ve done it again. Read More
  • 8/18: Mike from Waterbury's Cheating Fiancée

    Poor Mike came home thinking he'd find his loving fiancee waiting for him, only to find a random man using his bathroom and said fiancee struggling to come up with excuses. Naturally, he wasn't too happy about this, and decided to vent his understandable frustration on the show. We all wish Mike good luck in his efforts to find a better woman to marry, though we understand if he isn't up for it right now. Read More
  • 8/11/17: Kim Jong-Un

  • 8/4: Chaz For Making Inflammatory Comments

    Chaz isn’t exactly known for his political correctness, but listeners felt he went a bit too far during Dumbass News, where he believed that people in wheelchairs should move a bit faster when crossing the street. On top of that, he had the audacity to say that he loves the smell of farm animals. Is nothing sacred to this guy? Read More
  • 7/28: AJ for posting pictures of his feet on Instagram

    AJ frequently posts pictures of his feet on his Instagram, and it's been making some listeners nauseous. Read More
  • 7/21: The College Professor That Should Never Own A Dog

    For being a professor at Wesleyan, you'd think 79-year-old David Beveridge would be smart enough to know not to leave his dog in a hot car. Read More
  • Howie Who Hates State Workers

    Howie was the first person to call in. He nominated state workers for standing around doin nuttin and collecting a salary/pensions/benefits... Read More
  • Voicemail Guy!

    Listener Charlie called in and explained how he was a long time listener of the show, then went on into saying how he was disgusted with the show and its listeners for making fun of animals..... Read More
  • Melanie The Conspiracist

    Dr. Patty Ann was in the lead this morning during Loser of the Week for saying 18 year olds can't make the decision to sell their virginity if they wanted to...but then, a twist.  

    Read More
  • AJ For His Moves On The Hood Of His Car

    A tribemember called in today to nominate AJ because he saw him on TV trying to steal the show.  Read More
  • The "Dumbernor" Malloy

    Well, this was NOT a surprise. Earlier this week, the Gov was recorded saying that he should not be blamed for tax increases. Then, he proceeded to say that his predecessors are to blame. That statement on top of everything else, he's done...errr his predecessors have done, earned him the title of Loser of the Week.  Read More