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AJ's Car of the Day: 1968 AMC AMX

Car: American Motors Corporation ( AMC ) AMX

Year: 1968

What makes it special: The AMX was introduced to the public on February 24th,1968 to automotive journalists at Daytona Motor Speedway in a marketing agreement with Playboy Enterprises to show its sports car performance .

What made it famous: It was the only 2-seater American sports car other than the Chevrolet Corvette that year. Its engine's ranging from the base 225 hp, 4-barrel 290 V8, all the way up to the 315 hp, 390 X-code V8, all produced with the same engine block.

Why I would want one: The AMX "Go-Package" option with the 4-barrel 343 or 390 V8, with power assisted front disk brakes, "Twin-Grip" rear, E70x14 red-stripe performance tires on "Magnum 500" styled-steel wheels, heavy-duty suspension with thicker sway-bars, and other performance goodies that were available.

Fun fact: In the late-1960s, the Hertz Corporation offered its "Rent-a-Racer" program in selected locations that included cars like Corvettes, Jaguar XK-E's, Shelby Mustang's, and AMX's.

Photo from musclecarcalendar.com

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