AJ's Car Of The Day: 1973 AMC Hornet X


Car: AMC Hornet X

Year: 1973

What makes it special: The "X" package was now available only for the Sportabout and hatchback in 1973. The Hornet X trim added among others slot-styled steel wheels, rally stripes, and sports steering wheel.

What made it famous: You had a choice of  two V8 engine options for the Hornet X: The base 5.0L 304 cu in, or the 175 hp, 5.9 L 360 cu in V8.

Why I would want one: I would have to say the double wow factor. One, because it's a factory hot rod from AMC, putting a 360 V8 into what was intended to be an economy model, and the second for the "not many around" way of thinking. The fact that it is very uncommon and seldom seen anymore.

Fun fact: A 1974 AMC Hornet X Hatchback is featured in the same year James Bond film, "The Man with the Golden Gun," with Roger Moore playing the British Secret Agent. The Hornet performs an "airborne pirouette as it makes a hold-your-breath jump across a broken bridge", a stunt that is still regarded as one of the most amazing today.

Photo from autotraderclassics.com