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AJ's Car of the Day: Chevrolet Chevelle "Heavy Chevy"

Car: Chevrolet Chevelle "Heavy Chevy"

Year: 1971

What makes it special: Keeping with the "at the time" Detroit tradition of applying an unusual name and stripes to a car to boost its appeal to young people ( Like The GTO Judge, Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge Demon Sizzler to name a few), Chevrolet launched the Heavy Chevy Chevelle in mid-1971 and offered it again in 1972.

What made it famous: The Heavy Chevy was loaded with graphics, but was otherwise a V8 Chevelle coupe with a domed hood, hood pins and a blacked-out front end treatment. Heavy Chevy Chevelle buyers had 4 V8 engines to choose from: A 2-barrel Turbo-Fire 307, 2 or 4-barrel Turbo-Fire 350  and the 402 cu in Turbo-Jet 400 big-block Chevrolet . ( The 454 V8 wasn't available in the Heavy Chevy, only the SS.)

Why I would want one: First, the "Heavy Chevy" name is a very fun throwback to the 1970's, plus its a nice change of pace from the usual Super Sport models. I'd go for a 400 big block model backed up by a 4-speed manual transmission for maximum thrills.

Fun fact: Although quite a few of these "entry level performance car" Heavy Chevys were cranked out, ( 6,727 in 1971 and 9,508 in 1972) , they are still elusive to own considering how many other Chevelle models were produced by comparison.

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