AJ's Car of the Day: Dodge Demon "Sizzler"

Car: Dodge Demon "Sizzler"

Year: 1971

What makes it special: It was a more "Show" than "Go" model for the 1971 Dodge Demon line. It was produced for those who wanted the looks of a 340 Dodge Demon without getting slapped with the increasing insurance hassles being associated with muscle cars. The budget conscious had the option of a 225 Slant Six, and the largest available "Sizzler" V8 was a 318.

What made it famous: The "Sizzler" option gave you all the trim options that came with the 340 Demon. Body side stripes, dual sport mirrors, "Sizzler decal" and hood treatment, color-coded grill, special rally wheels, and rear deck tape treatment.

Why I would want one: They look just as cool as a 340 Demon, and a 318 V8 still gave it some power. Also, production numbers were low....less than 2,200 were made. That makes them rare.

Fun fact: It's rumored that the rear tail panel of the Dodge Demon was actually supposed to be the tail panel of the 1971 Plymouth Duster, but due to timing and manufacturing constraints it never ended up on the Duster and instead was only on the Demon. Dodge Demon models featured little cartoon "Devil" decals which didn't sit well with some religious groups, but definitely added to the Demon's flair.