AJ's Car of the Day: Plymouth Valiant "Super Bee" (Mexican version)

Car: Plymouth Valiant "Super Bee" ( Mexican version )

Year: 1974

What makes it special: In 1970, Chrysler of Mexico introduced the new Dodge Super Bee. Dodge was unable to design its own Super Bee, resulting in a design that was identical to the Plymouth Duster (known in Mexico as the "Dodge Valiant Duster"), with the side stripes and the Super Bee decals serving as the only difference. In 1973, the front of the Dodge Dart became the standard design for the entire A Body line-up, with the rear tail lights being the only difference between the Super Bee and the Valiant. By 1976, the final year for the A Body cars, the front grille of the Plymouth model became the standard design.

What made it famous: The Valiant Super Bee was equipped with a 300 hp 360 V8 engine. These engines had more power in Mexico than in the US, as Mexican anti-pollution laws were less strict in comparison to the US.

Why I would want one: A very cool import. These came with a  V8 mated to an available 4-speed manual transmission, and just the sheer uniqueness of having one of these is too tempting to resist.

 Fun fact: The Super Bee was one of the fastest cars in the Mexican territory, overtaking cars like the Ford Mustang and even larger cars like the Chevrolet Malibu. The Federal Highway Patrol used the Super Bee as a Squad car and it was hard to find cars faster than the Super Bee.