AJ's Car of the Day: 1970 American Motors Corporation (AMC) Rebel "The Machine"

Car: American Motors Corporation (AMC) Rebel "The Machine"

Year: 1970

What makes it special: Hands down, it was by far the most recognizable version of AMC's Rebel, a high-performance, low-priced muscle car. It was only produced for one year.

What made it famous: It was mostly famous for its patriotic or flamboyant white, red, and blue trim, but it also had AMC's top of the line 340hp, special high-performance 390 V8, the most powerful engine AMC would ever offer in a regular production vehicle. Along with your choice of a floor mounted 4-speed manual or center console mounted floor-shift automatic transmission, with a "pistol-handle" shaped grip.

Why I would want one: If there was a top of the list of 'Bucket list' cars for yours truly, here it is. It's everything you could want in a Muscle Car: Power, attitude, style, and most of all....a HUGE dash of "American Muscle Car Pride" with it's trademark "Red, White and Blue" available factory paint scheme. Like a 4-speed, four wheeled Captain America.

Fun fact: Since its high-performance model could hold its head high in fast company, AMC simply dubbed their creation "The Machine." Many feel that it deserves to be considered among the "Greatest Cars of All Time." ( I echo those sentiments...God bless America.)

Driven by Connecticut International Auto Show