A J'S Car of the Day: 1960 Mercury Meteor Montcalm (Canadian Ford)

Car: Mercury Meteor Montcalm ( Canadian Ford )

Year: 1960

What makes it special: The 1960 Mercury Meteor Montcalm was a one-year-only production car, produced by Ford of Canada.  It's basically a 1960 American Ford Starliner with different taillights and other trim.out

What made it famous:  The 1960 Montcalm was released as the “idea car” of the year. Sporting luxurious interior finishes as well as two engine options of a V8 and an inline 6 cylinder, and increased braking power. Like others in the Meteor series, was based on a Ford body, but was designed with its own unique grill and trim. It was a Ford dressed as a Mercury for the Canadian market. Got it?

Why I would want one: Only 1600 were ever produced, with this version of the model line ending that year, making it very rare today. Plus, it looks like a customized Ford, making it cool...I believe the photo proves my point.

Fun fact: At first, Ford used the Meteor nameplate in 1949 when it created cars that used Ford bodies trimmed with Mercury parts for sale specifically targeting the Canadian market. Meteors were produced and sold in Canada until 1961, and then reintroduced again from 1964 to 1976, after the US Meteor model was discontinued

Driven by Connecticut International Auto Show