AJ's Car of the Day: 1976 Dodge Aspen R/T

Car: Dodge Aspen R/T

Year: 1976

What makes it special: It was the first year for the Dodge Aspen as a replacement for Dodge's Dart model. It was labeled as the family car of the future with available two, four door and station wagon versions, but the performance modeled R/T was available in a two-door coupe only.

What made it famous: In addition to a front spoiler, side window louvers, rear deck spoiler, body side stripes, blacked out grill, R/T badging and steel rally styled wheels, the performance R/T package featured a 318 cu in V8 standard or an optional 360 cu in V8 with either a 2- or 4-barrel carburetor.

Why I would want one: The 1976 Dodge Aspen R/T is amongst the forgotten muscle cars of the mid 1970's. The '76 model year looks the best because it is simplistic. Later models gained more fluff throughout the remaining years, taking away from its muscle car origins.

Fun fact: F-body cars ( including the Dodge Aspen), were withdrawn from production worldwide after 1980. The Aspen name was revived in 2007 for the Chrysler Aspen SUV.