AJ's Car of the Day: 1973 Chevrolet Motion V8 Super Vega ( Phase III )

Car: Chevrolet Motion V8 Super Vega (Phase III)

Year: 1973

What makes it special: They were a street performing kit car conversion that was built to order by Motion Performance out of Baldwin, Long Island.

What made it famous:  Motion V8 Super Vega's could be ordered from Motion Performance of Long Island with either a naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged 350 small block, or a single or dual carbureted 427 to 454 big block V8. 

Why I would want one: You could have anything from a standard emission controlled 350 V8 to a 500 plus horsepower 427 to 454 V8 monster, beginning at $5,995 and up added to your original Vega sticker price. And the car was built to run the times you requested on the track. It was the ultimate street / strip car.

Fun Facts: An article in a 1974 Car Craft Magazine that read "King Kong Lives on Long Island" about the 454 V8 powered Chevrolet Vega set off red flags at the Environmental Protection Agency. Allegedly, a Cease and Desist order issued from the EPA executed by the Department of Justice halted the building of new cars with powertrains not available from the factory. Thus putting an end to what was the ultimate Vega supercar...too bad.

Driven by Connecticut International Auto Show