AJ's Car of the Day: 1965 American Motors Corporation ( AMC ) Rambler 770H Hardtop

Car: American Motors Corporation ( AMC ) Rambler 770H Hardtop

Year: 1965

What makes it special: It was AMC's attempt to enter as competition to Chevrolet's Chevelle market. They were a limited edition version, and dealers received them by way of a lottery system.

What made it famous: The 1965 AMC Rambler 770H had what was called "Tri-Poised Power." Many thought that meant having a Triple Carb set-up, but in actuality it meant that the 327 V8 had triple motor mounts. ( Where all other cars are mounted on two )

Why I would want one: It's one of AMC's earliest muscle cars ( although some will debate that it actually meets muscle car requirement status ). It had a 4-barrel carbureted , 270hp 327 V8, your choice of a Borg-Warner "Flash-o-matic" 3-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission, and an 8 3/4 Twin-grip rear.

Fun fact: Many think that the "H" in the 770H badging means an association with Hurst Performance Products, but it really stood for "High-Level Trim", the highest option you could order for the car that year.

( 1965 AMC Rambler 770H Hardtop photos from musclecar.com )