AJ's Car of the Day: 1963 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge

Car: Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge

 Year: 1963

 What makes it special: The Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge was a factory lightweight available to the public, and 1963 was the first year that the Max Wedge V8 increased from 413 to 426 cubic inches.

 What made it famous: The Savoy's Stage 1 426 V8: at 415 horsepower and 11.1:1 compression. It's body featured a dual-scooped hood to get fresh air to feed the Max Wedge, and aluminum body panels helped to shave off 150 lbs to make it a fierce competitor. Right out the dealer's door the Max Wedge Savoy clocked a quarter-mile time of 12.69 at 113mph.

 Why I would want one: I love the "plain jane, grocery-getter" appearance of the car. If you didn't notice the dual scoops, you'd have no idea what you were up against. Only 18 Max Wedge Plymouth Savoy's were produced for that year, making them a high-priced commodity to collectors.

 Fun fact:  The Max Wedge was a potent package, and it made the 1963 Dodge and Plymouth factory racers very tough to beat. Available for purchase by the public, these factory racers were delivered without a warranty, as declared by the disclaimer label inside the glovebox.


( 1963 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge photo from wordpress.com )