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AJ's Car of the Day: Ford Thunderbird DF Convertible ( Phase 1 )

Car: Ford Thunderbird DF Convertible ( Phase 1 )

Year: 1957

What makes it special: It's one of only 15 that were built for the 1957 Daytona Speed Week "Flying Mile" competition.

What made it famous: It's equipped with a factory Supercharged 312 V8 engine that was coupled up to a 3-speed overdrive transmission. It's also radio / heater delete and sported plain blackwall 15" tires mounted on body-color matching steel wheels with what are lovingly referred to by fans as "Dog-dish style, poverty hubcaps."

Why I would want one: First, the rarity of this particular special model, and the fact that this is what the Ford Thunderbird should have been all along in my humble opinion. A fun, fast, good looking steel bodied American two-seater. Not the personalized luxury two-seater that was sold to the public. It's a bare bones fast little Hot Rod.

Fun fact: Several names were suggested for the Ford Thunderbird, and they had quite an odd range, for example: "The Beaver", "The Hep Cat", " The Detroiter", "Savile", "Arturus", "Coronado", "Apache", "Hawaiian", "Fordette", the "Tycoon" and "El Tigre". Just some of the names that were considered.


( 1957 Ford Thunderbird DF Convertible Phase 1 photo from mecum.com )

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