AJ's Car of the Day: 1972 Chevrolet Nova Rally

Car: Chevrolet Nova Rally

 Year: 1972

 What makes it special:  The Chevrolet Nova was offered in 1971 and 1972 with the RPO-YF1 Rally Nova option. With the Rally option, it became a pseudo muscle car. It had the look of a muscle car with stripes and rally wheels but it could not be ordered with the SS-only L48 350 4-barrel engine.

 What made it famous: The Rally was famous for 2 reasons: It worked for buyers who wanted the muscle car "look" without paying for the more expensive Super Sport option. The second was because of the surcharges applied to owners of "real" muscle cars. The SS was more expensive to insure because of the top engine. The top engine for the 1972 Chevrolet Nova Rally was the 2-barrel carbureted 350 cu in L65 V8.

 Why I would want one: The Rally is a nice change of pace from the multitude of Super Sport versions that are popular, but commonplace. Having a Rally is just something different, and it's Rally only decals and badging make it stand out in the crowd. They are special cars with a very limited run. Only 7,700 built in 1971, 33,319 in 1972.

 Fun fact: One common mistake made by people is they call it a "Nova Rally Sport," when the word "sport" was never used in the Nova Rally option. The Rally Sport (or RS) option was on Camaros, not Nova's. Also, unlike Camaros, you could not combine the Rally option with the SS option.



( 1972 Chevrolet Nova Rally Sport photo from flickr.com )