AJ's Car of the Day: 1964 Dodge 440 2-door Hardtop

Car: Dodge 440

Year: 1964

What makes it special: It was a full sized offering from Chrysler's Dodge division that had a huge array of engine options, from six cylinder economy to pavement melting wild V8's.

What made it famous: The big block 426 cu in, 4-barrel and 426 2x4-barrel Max Wedge V8's. The combination of the Dodge 440 model's lighter weight and available big-block 426 engine gave it a huge reputation in racing.

Why I would want one: The Dodge 440 was a lesser bought, mid-range model, featuring less chrome and a plainer interior than its deluxe sister model Polara. The "Plain Jane look" combined with a 426 V8 spells hours of fun dominating so called street machines at red lights around town.

Fun fact: The 1962 through1964 Max Wedge V8 engines weren't built at Chrysler's regular big-block engine assembly plant. They were in fact built by Chrysler's Marine and Industrial division instead.

Photo from flickr.com