AJ's Car of the Day: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1A

Car: Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1A

Year: 1966

What makes it special: It was the high-performance V8 version of the British Sunbeam Alpine Roadster.

What made it famous: From 1964 to 1967, it was designed in part by race driver and father of the Shelby, the late Carroll Shelby. Shelby had carried out a similar V8 conversion on the AC Cobra, and had his sights on being offered the contract to produce the Tiger at his facility in the U.S.

Why I would want one: The Series I was fitted with a 260 cu in V8, while Series II had a 289 cu in V8 of which only 633 were produced, making them a fairly decent rare collectible. Plus, let's be honest....a V8 in a little car like that must've hauled some "serious ass-phalt."

Fun fact: For two years, a Sunbeam Tiger Series II was the American Hot Rod Association's national record holder over a 1/4-mile drag strip.

Photo from driveaway2day.com