AJ's Car of the Day: 1972 Ford Maverick Sprint

Car: Ford Maverick Sprint

Year: 1972

What makes it special: The Ford Maverick's Sprint package featured a special red, white, and blue paint with matching interior. Similar packages were offered on Ford's Pinto and Mustang for that year.

What made it famous: The Sprint trim package was a nod to the 1972 Olympics and was only available for that year. The U.S. versions were given a U.S. flag rear quarter panel decal, while Sprints sold in Canada were also red, white, and blue, but had a Canadian flag rear quarter badge decal.

Why I would want one: A 302 V8 that was usually restricted to the Maverick Grabber was available for the Sprint model, plus I have a fondness for the "out of the ordinary", and the Sprint fits that bill.

Fun fact: The Sprint package U.S. and Canadian rear quarter panel badges were in the vein of Olympic symbols, but kept from being too close to avoid copyright infringement.

Photo from prestigemoto.com