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AJ's Car of the Day: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Notchback Hardtop

Car: Plymouth Barracuda Notchback Hardtop


What makes it special: It was the first year for the second generation body style of Plymouth's Barracuda, fully redesigned with Barracuda-specific sheet metal styling and its own range of models including convertibles, fastback and notchback hardtops.

What made it famous: In 1967, although the 225 cu in slant-6 was still the base engine, the V8 options ranged from the two- and four-barrel versions of the 273 cu in  to a seldom-ordered 383 cu in "B" Big-Block, which was available only with the Formula S package.

Why I would want one: It's not as popular a body style for the Barracuda that year, so it makes having one a little something different. Plus the fact that the same body style was fitted with a Slant 6 means that the V8 version should have quite the kick when it came t acceleration. Just a great looking car. I dig it.

Fun fact: The Barracuda is very collectable today. The small number of Barracudas is the result of low buyer interest when the vehicles were new, so outstanding examples are commanding high appraisal values today.


(1967 Plymouth Barracuda Notchback Hardtop photo from barrett-jackson.com)

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