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AJ's Car of the Day 1971 "Mr. Norm" Dodge Demon 340 GSS

Car: "Mr. Norm" Dodge Demon 340 GSS 2-Door Coupe

Year: 1971

What makes it special: It was built by the world famous Mr. Norm's Grand-Spaulding Dodge dealership located at the corner of Grand and Spaulding in Chicago, a mecca that created some iconic Mopar muscle cars of its own. They would take an ordinary, straight from the factory muscle car, and add their performance spin to it. The "GSS" badging stood for "Grand Spaulding Special."

What made it famous: It's Dyno-tuned, high performance, 340 cu in, three 2-barrel carbureted "Six Pack" V8, which could be mated to a T-handle shifted, 4-speed manual transmission, or 727 Torqueflite console-shifted automatic transmission. A Posi-Traction rear end, Hi-impact color, sport stripes, blacked-out hood with dual Ram-Air scoops, and a factory gauge pack completed the package....or, they could be ordered with an optional "Plain-Jane, Sleeper look."

Why I would want one: These were specialty cars that were only churned out by the one and only Norman Krauss, lovingly known as "Mr. Norm." Each Demon ( or other Mopar product he came in contact with), was unique in the fact that it was built just for the customer who ordered it. They are treasured to this day amongst both Mopar enthusiasts, as well as muscle car fans.

Fun fact: In mid 1971 when Dodge offered their new fastback-styled Demon, there was a good deal of controversy surrounding the name. Allegedly, church groups didn't approve of a car named after the devil, and there were even some Dodge dealers that refused to sell the car. There were also objections to both the smiling "Demon" and "Pitchfork" emblems on the car. After two years of fending off the alleged objections, the Demon was renamed the Dart Sport in 1973, with the Dart Sport 340 taking the place of the Demon 340.

( 1971 Dodge Demon 340 GSS photo from barrett-jackson.com )

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