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AJ's Car of the Day 1967 Pontiac Hurst Grand Prix convertible

Car: Pontiac Hurst Grand Prix Convertible


What makes it special: The 1967 Pontiac Hurst Grand Prix Convertible was one of the fleet of famous Hurst promotional cars used in events and parades. For this particular model, only three were produced. It featured a trademark Gold-on-Black Hurst paint scheme and Gold-plated Hurst/Kelsey Hayes wheels.

What made it famous: It was a performance showcase on wheels, with features like a 376 hp, 428 High Output V8 engine, and almost 30 factory options including a 3.08 Safety Trac rear axle, Hurst Dual Gate shifter, air conditioning, power driver’s seat and reclining passenger seat, Custom Sport tilt steering wheel, SafeGuard speedometer, shoulder harnesses, rare power vent windows and AM/FM stereo with 8-track tape player and reverb. All the "good stuff" assembled under it's convertible top.

Why I would want one: It's rarity for starters: how many of THESE have you ever seen? I rest my case. It's a combo cruiser/bruiser.

Fun fact: This particular car was purchased by Hurst Performance Products founder George Hurst’s secretary Rosalie Brewstein after the 1967 promotional season, who then drove it daily for years. After being stored for nearly two decades, it was given a 28 month restoration by its fourth owner. When shown at the 2010 SEMA show it was given a "thumbs up" by former "Miss Hurst Shifter"  spokesperson/model Linda Vaughn.


(1967 Pontiac Hurst Grand Prix Convertible photo from mecum.com)

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