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AJ's Car of the Day '74 AMC Javelin AMX

Car: AMC Javelin AMX

Year: 1974

What makes it special: It was the final year for the AMC Javelin AMX. Like the other American car makers, the Javelin's big engine option continued until the production ended in October/November 1974 due to  a combination of the famous Arab oil embargo and overall declining interest in high-performance vehicles.

What made it famous: Although decreased by 20 hp, its 401 cu in V8 was still available. A new seatbelt interlock system prevented the car from being started if the driver and a front passenger were unbuckled.

Why I would want one: It's the last year of the second generation AMC Javelin. It still has that "Trans-American Race" look to it. Plus, it has what the first generation AMX didn't: seating for two extra passengers....that rear seat came in handy for "other activities" as well. ( Wink, wink )

Fun fact: AMC Javelins equipped with the 401 cu in V8 engine proved their performance so well that beginning in 1971, the Alabama High Patrol used them for pursuit and high-speed response calls. The last of ADPS Javelins was retired in 1979. One of the original cars is now part of the Museum at ADPS Headquarters.


( 1974 AMC Javelin AMX photo from Wikipedia.org )

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