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AJ's Car of the Day 1971 AMC Hornet Cowboy Pickup

Car: AMC Hornet Cowboy Pickup

Year: 1971

What makes it special: In 1971, American Motors Corporation considered adding a pickup truck model to their compact Hornet line which included a coupe, sedan, hatchback and a sports wagon. Unfortunately, just one prototype of the AMC Hornet Cowboy was ever built. Even though pickup trucks based off cars were popular like  Chevrolet's El Camino or Ford's Falcon Ranchero ( Even AMC built many trucks through their Jeep line ), the AMC Cowboy just never developed beyond this single rare prototype model.

What made it famous: It's the only surviving prototype. It was built using a 1971 Hornet SC360 with the 360 V8 and 4-speed manual transmission. It was used by AMC on their proving grounds for several years before being sold to an employee, who later installed a 1973 Hornet updated front end on the car.

Why I would want one: Despite the fact that it admittedly takes a few moments to get used to how it looks, it's cool in the fact that it does have some serious power due to the use of the famed SC360 V8, and coupled up with a 4-speed manual transmission, it's got to be a blast to drive. Plus, it's the only one. A surviving prototype...and that's got to translate to high dollars to collectors.

Fun fact: An earlier original prototype vehicle featured a modified AMC Gremlin front cab design and a cargo box with a Jeep logo on the tailgate. The standard Inline-6 engine would be more powerful than the 4-cylinders found in the imported pickups.


( 1971 AMC Hornet Cowboy pickup photo from fiero.nl )

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