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AJ's Car of the Day 1971 AMC Matador Machine 401

Car: AMC Matador Machine 401

Year: 1971

What makes it special: For 1971, the "Rebel Machine" package was dropped from the options list, and was reassigned to the Matador model with the "Go-Machine" option. The Go-Machine option was unique in that it was a combination of specific performance options that could be ordered al a carte, meaning that buyers could order any larger model with these options. Also, unlike the 1970 Rebel Machine, the 1971 Matador Machine could come in any AMC factory color, ( not just a few ), and there was no exterior badging of any kind that was unique to the Go-Machine package.

What made it famous: The package itself was available with either the 360 V8 ( for $373), or the 401 V8 ( for $461), featuring a 4-barrel carb, dual exhaust, a heavy duty handling package, power front disc brakes, E60-15 Goodyear Polyglas raised-white letter tires, and 15x7-inch steel wheels. A limited slip "Twin Grip" rear was not standard to the Go-Machine package.

Why I would want one: It's different. It's nothing that many have even seen before. The Rebel machine is one of my "Bucket List of cars to own someday", and the Matador Machine 401 would definitely be in the top 5 along with it. It's one of those cool performance oddities from the days of performance that will never come again.

Fun fact: The production run of Go-Machines is said to be anywhere from 50 to 70 total, with most equipped with the larger 401 V8. AMC experts say that only two verified Go-Machine cars still exist today.



( 1971 AMC Matador Machine 401 photo from fotki.com )

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