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AJ's Car of the Day May 1st 1965 Dodge Dart Charger

Car: Dodge Dart Charger

Year: 1965

What makes it special: The Dodge Dart Charger was a special edition model, only 180 were made, and of those, only 24 exist today. They were built in California, and came from the factory sporting 13" Cragar mag wheels.

What made it famous: The Dart Charger is a very rare edition with a Hi Po 235 hp, 273 V8 with a 4-barrel carb, heavy duty suspension, special badges and a special soft yellow color exterior. There was also a cheaper version that did not include the badges. The Dart Charger also was equipped with a floor shifted 4-speed transmission, and an 8 3/4 3.55 Posi rear.

Why I would want one: I am a huge fan of the out of the ordinary. I think the combination of the sporty Dart looks with it's performance altered drivetrain is an awesome combo.

Fun fact: To identify which cars came originally with the 273 4bbl from the VIN number, look at the rear valance. There is a small rectangular cutout on the driver’s side, just above where the resonator was mounted. Ordinary Darts did not have this cutout.

( 1965 Dodge Dart Charger photo from allpar.com )

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