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AJ's Car of the Day 1964 Ford Econoline Pick-up

Car: Ford Econoline Pick-up

Year: 1964

What makes it special: It was introduced for the 1961 model year, and was based on Ford's Falcon model. It was built to compete with Chevrolet's Corvair Van, Volkswagen's Type 2, Jeep's Forward Control, and in later years, Dodge's A-100. Originally offered as a Cargo or eight passenger van, it was also offered as a pickup as well.

What made it famous: The first E-Series sported a flat nose with an inline six-cylinder engine between and behind the front seats. Early models had a 144 cu in 6-cylinder engine with a 3-speed manual transmission. Later models had a 170 or 240 cu in engine with a 3-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Why I would want one: These are starting to make a name for themselves in the custom and hot rodding world, because it lends itself well to retro-customizing as well as a full blown street rod.

Fun fact: A 165 lb counterweight was fitted over the rear wheels to balance the front-heavy vehicle; this was sometimes removed by later owners.

( 1964 Ford Econoline Pick-up photo from cruisenewsonline )

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