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AJ's Car of the Day 1964 Pontiac GTO

Driven by Vogue Performance Exhaust & Precision Tune Auto Care

Car: Pontiac GTO

Year: 1964

What makes it special: The GTO was originally an option package for the Pontiac LeMans, available for the two-door coupe, hardtop and convertible. 1964 was the first year for the GTO, which then became one of the most famous muscle car models of all time.

What made it famous: For $295, the option package included a 325 hp, 389 cu in V8 with a single Carter AFB 4-barrel carb, dual exhaust, chrome valve covers and air cleaner, 7-blade clutch fan, Hurst floor-shifted 3-speed manual transmission, stiffer springs, large front sway bar, wide wheels on 7.50 × 14 redline tires, dual hood scoops, and GTO badges. Options included a 4-speed manual or Super Turbine 300 2-speed automatic, Tri-Power (3  2-barrel Rochester 2G carburetors), and a limited-slip rear.

Why I would want one: It's the first year of the famed GTO series of muscle cars. Plus, its undeniably good looking and quick. That about covers it.

Fun fact: The Pontiac GTO is considered to have started the muscle car trend, causing all the other domestic car companies to produce competing models of their own, and our enjoyment.

(1964 Pontiac GTO photo from cargurus.com)

Driven by Vogue Performance Exhaust & Precision Tune Auto Care

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