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AJ's Car Makeover

Driven by Precision Tune Auto Care & Vogue Performance Exhaust

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Hi, AJ here. What you are seeing is the amazing transformation of my beloved 1963 Ford Fairlane from “Mild Mannered Street Rod” to “Super-Beast.” Precision Tune Auto Care / Vogue Performance Exhaust Center owner Chris and his skilled Vogue Performance Exhaust Technicians walked me through the process of turning my baby into the awesome sounding car it is today.


      Here are photos before and after…you’ll see that my old exhaust system was not up to snuff, how the old Glasspack mufflers were in an area that not only took up space, but were not routed properly. (An issue that had bothered me since day one.) That system was removed, the new dual stainless exhaust system was then custom bended to insure the correct fit, the awesome sounding dual Flowmaster 40 muffler’s were hung in the proper location, and more stainless was custom bended to have the exhaust go over the Ford’s  9” rear, and exit exactly where I asked them to go.


      Once the system was in place, they were then spot welded to insure a tight fit, and they even topped the system off with dual exhaust tips to give it that extra special finish ! I have an excellent sounding exhaust with the proper clearance as well. And, they were very clean, making sure that the cars bright white finish was not smudged with grease, and even went the extra mile of covering my Fairlane’s custom seats in its interior and Walnut grained steering wheel. (Something that not many shops will do for you anymore.)  I LOVE my new custom bended Vogue Performance dual stainless exhaust system from Precision Tune Auto Care in Shelton! (And YOU can too!)


      Driven by Precision Tune Auto Care & Vogue Performance Exhaust


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