AJ's Car of the Day: 1970 Buick GSX

Car: Buick GSX 2-Door Hardtop

 Year: 1971

 What makes it special: The Buick GSX still had some kick despite the move towards de-tuning performance cars in 1971. While the Auto industry started to sway from performance, Buick continued to offer the GSX.

 What made it famous: The GSX was now powered by one of three V8 engines: a 350, 455 or the 455 Stage 1. Also, its exterior appearance of black stripes, color-keyed mirrors, rear spoiler, hood tachometer and optional 15x7-inch five-spoke wheels. Comfort options included air conditioning, choice of radio, speed alert, Soft-Ray tinted glass, power windows, rear speaker, steering wheel and power door locks.

 Why I would want one: It's a departure from the more common muscle cars that were available and bought in droves due to popularity. The Buick GSX is different from the more common Super Sport models made by Chevrolet, 442's by Oldsmobile, and Pontiac's GTO. ( All of which are great to own, but the GSX will stand out in the crowd.)

 Fun fact: Unlike the 1970 GSX, promotional material was limited to a single paragraph in 1971 dealer brochures, which no doubt caused its significantly lower production numbers: Just 124 were built.


( 1971 Buick GSX photo from barrett-jackson.com )