AJ's Car of the Day ( 1958 Packard Hawk )

Car: Packard Hawk ( Supercharged )

Year: 1958

What makes it special: The 1958 Packard Hawk was the sportiest of the four Packard-badged Studebakers produced in the final year of Packard production. As a "last-gasp effort, Packard models were all rebadged and retrimmed Studebaker products. It basically was a Studebaker Golden Hawk 400 with a fiberglass nose and a modified hood.

What made it famous: It had a wide, low opening just above the front bumper covering the width of the car, with a bulging hood scoop accommodating the McCulloch Supercharged 275 hp, 289 V8 powerplant located just below. Most were equipped with the Borg-Warner 3-speed automatic transmission, but about 28 were produced with the B-W T85 3-speed w/overdrive manual transmission.

Why I would want one: For me, it's all about having something "out of the ordinary", the car that when you pull into a show or cruise, all eyes turn to your car. And with a total of only 588 sold, that chance increases ten-fold.

Fun fact: The 1958 Packard Hawk's styling was often described as 'vacuum-cleaner' or 'catfish' by naysayers. Because a Studebaker drivetrain was used, mechanical parts are fairly easy to obtain, although body and trim parts fall into the "more difficult-to-impossible to find" category. More often than not, restoration costs exceed the selling price.

 ( 1958 Packard Hawk photo from hemmings.com )