AJ's Car of the Day 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber

Car: Ford Maverick "Grabber"

Year: 1971

What makes it special: The Grabber package brought a sporty flair to the cut-price Maverick coupe. While the original main purpose of the Maverick was to offer a cheaper option in the “compact” department, the "Grabber" revealed a performance side to the otherwise gas sipping econo-mobile. In 1971, V8 power became available in the form of Ford’s 2-barrel, 210 hp rated 302, enough for mid-9-second 0-60 and sub-17-second quarter-mile times.

What made it famous: In 1971, the Grabber became its own model within the Maverick family, and not just a "trim package." It included simulated dual hood scoops with blackout paint, stripes on the sides, fender decals, a blacked-out tail panel, grille-mounted road lamps with the Maverick nameplate, a blacked-out grille, hubcaps with trim rings on 14-inch wheels and D70-14 tires, twin body-color sport mirrors, a rear deck mounted spoiler, and a DeLuxe steering wheel.

Why I would want one: I could say this a million times, and nothing else. When you plant a V8 into the same body that was also built to accommodate a gas sipping economy engine....good things happen. Plus, when in "Grabber Blue" paint and Magnum 500 chrome wheels ( as shown in the photo)....it looks badass.

Fun fact: The Maverick has been produced in toy form by Hot Wheels as the "Mighty Maverick" and recently as the "71 Ford Maverick Grabber". While the Maverick has not reached the popularity of the Mustang among muscle cars and is still overlooked by most classic car fans, recent auctions are showing a rising market value for the Maverick. In Brazil, the Maverick is still adored by local car fans.

 ( 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber photo from bangshift.com )