AJ's Car of the Day 1968 Ford Challenger Special Mustang

Car: Ford "Challenger Special" Mustang


What makes it special: In mid-April 1968, Mississippi Ford Dealers ( DSO 64 New Orleans) began offering a dealer-built, limited-edition Mustang called the "Challenger Special". The concept being a power packing 4-barrel carbureted, High-Performance 302 V8 in a "Plain Jane" coupe model. In some rarer cases even fitted with Shelby manifolds and 4118 Holley carburetors.

What made it famous:  These specialty Mustang "variants" were all J-Code 302 4-barrel V8's with specially geared 3 speed transmissions in a "lightened" chassis ( Meaning no power options, aluminum intake, no a/c ). The power-to-weight ratio in the Challenger gave the budget-conscious buyer the opportunity to run with the Shelby models without the cost.

Why I would want one: These are not only rarely heard of, but hardly seen. Only 154 of these were built for 1968. And, it's another "Sleeper"....and you know how much I love those sleepers.

Fun fact: Even rarer still, in late April, at least 7 Ford Challenger Special Mustangs came with the obsolete 4-barrel 289 V8.


( 1968 Ford "Challenger Special" Mustang photo from highdefforum.com )