AJ's Car of the Day 1971 Pontiac LeMans GT-37

Car: Pontiac GT-37

Year: 1971

What makes it special: Introduced in mid-1970 as an option to the Tempest T-37, it was "The Poor Man's GTO" offering from General Motors Pontiac Division, meaning that the GT-37 was essentially a stripped-down performance car for those on a tight budget. The '71 models were shifted to the Le Mans lineup with a mid-year change to the side stripe.

What made it famous: It featured a beefed up suspension, bench seats, '69 GTO Judge-style stripes and locking hood pins. Under its hood was a base 250hp, 350 cu. in. V8 mated to a 3-speed manual transmission, but three different 400 cu in V8 engines and a 4-speed or automatic transmission checked off the option chart would provide it with GTO-like performance. For 1971, two optional 455 cu.in. V8's were available.

Why I would want one: It's the "Un-GTO" ( Not that I don't adore GTO's ), and to have something a little "one-off" is always cool. Just another way to stand out in the crowd. Just like the Plymouth Roadrunner was the stripped down, performance GTX, so was the GT-37 to the GTO.

Fun fact: Production totals were low ( but respectable ) for 1971: 5,802 were produced with 350 V8's, 718 were equipped with 400 V8's, and only 69 were equipped with the 455 V8. Despite those numbers, they were discontinued.


( 1970 Pontiac GT-37 photo from ultimategto.com )