AJ's Car of the Day 1963 Dodge 330 Max Wedge

Car: Dodge 330 Max Wedge

Year: 1963

What makes it special: The Dodge 330 Max Wedge was a 330 2 door sedan powered by the 425 hp 426 Max Wedge V8 with dual 4-barrel carburetors. It was mostly ordered as a Super Stocker for the drag strip racing. Street versions are rare today.

What made it famous: For 1963, the Max Wedge engine was given a boost in cubic inches from the prior year 413 to 426. The Max Wedge package included many drivetrain and chassis modifications as well. Mid-1963 brought the addition of aluminum body panel options including an optional hood scoop, and a trunk mounted battery over the rear axle for extra weight.

Why I would want one: Many regard the Dodge 330 as not the best looking body style, but I like it because it is unique. It stands out among the more treasured Chrysler corporation models. Plus, having a street version of the Stage II Max Wedge equipped Dodge 330 is very rare, and a prize for any Muscle Car collector.

Fun fact: The Max Wedge's dominated the drag race scene in the early to mid 1960's. The fact that 50 years later they are still competitive in the Super Stock class makes it downright impressive.

( 1962 Dodge 330 Max Wedge photo from moparsbymosher.com )