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AJ's Car of the Day '63 Chevrolet Impala Super-Sport
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Car: Chevrolet Impala Super Sport

Year: 1963

What makes it special: With its new "Jet Smooth" styling and the most powerful V8's in Chevy history, the big 1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport was hard to beat. The 1963 Chevrolet Impala enjoyed a boxy face-lift, with body side contours altered to look like major changes had taken place.Sales brochures touted features like self-adjusting brakes, and a longer-life exhaust system.

What made it famous: The standard Turbo-Fire 283 V- got a boost to 195 horsepower, the mid-range 327 V8 yielded 250 to 340 horsepower, and the big-block 409 cranked out 340, 400, or 425 horses. The 425 hp used twin 4-barrel carburetors and 11:1 compression.  The Super Sport  package added bucket seats, shift console, and other racy touches to Impala hardtop coupes and convertibles.

Why I would want one: Impalas are iconic Chevrolet models, Super Sports versions even more so. The 409/425 hp is the stuff of legend.

Fun fact: Detroit's Big Three swore off racing in 1957, largely under pressure from the "safety lobby," yet a few years later they were back at it, sneaking special parts and low-key technical support to all manner of drivers and mechanics...unofficially, of course.  

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