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AJ's Car of the Day '70 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe
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Car: Plymouth Road Runner Coupe

Year: 1970

What makes it special: The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi was an integral part of Plymouth's "Rapid Transit System," the advertising tagline it applied to its bawdiest muscle cars. Externally, the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi was restyled with handsome loop-motif front and rear ends and dummy rear-fender scoops.

What made it famous: Road Runner had a functional new feature, the Air Grabber hood. The Air Grabber hood was standard on 1970 Plymouth Road Runners with the 426 cu in Hemi V8 engine and available with either 440. The driver would trip an underdash switch, causing the power-operated trap door to rise slowly, revealing a planed-off scoop with a snarling shark cartoon painted on its side, which was just the thing for psyching out the opposition at stoplights. The source of the car's "beep-beep" horn sound was a purple underhood module. Also for 1970, Road Runner's standard 4-speed manual transmission moved to the options list, replaced by a heavy-duty 3-speed.

Why I would want one: When you think of some of the ultimate Mopar muscle cars, the name Road runner will always make the top 3.

Fun fact: In one advertisement, the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi was introduced with a photo showing a giant, three-dimensional sculpture of its cartoon namesake emerging from a trap door on the hood. The tag line, "The loved bird," was both a wry play on words and an accurate reflection of the car's popularity.

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