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AJ's Car of the Day '70 Plymouth 'Cuda 440 Coupe
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Car: Plymouth 440 'Cuda Coupe

Year: 1970

What makes it special: The 1970-1974 Plymouth Barracuda Coupes were the final closed Barracudas, marked by more aggressive, "more ponycar" notchback styling and a much beefier new basic structure shared with Dodge's concurrent Challenger. The third generation Barracudas were based on cut-down intermediate bodies which had wider engine compartments fully capable of taking the tall deck big-block and Hemi engines, and the opportunity was immediately utilized for the new 1970 cars.

What made it famous: This era of car was built in convertible and hardtops with fastbacks thrown into the dust of history, ironic since Barracuda was first with a sporty car fastback. The Cuda had the 335hp, 383 cu in V8 as the standard engine. It also had the 440 cu in 4-barrel Super Commando, the 44 cu in six-barrel Super Commando Six Pak, and the 426ci Hemi. The 440- and Hemi-equipped cars received upgraded suspension components and structural reinforcements to help transfer the power to the road. In 1970 and 1971 only, the Shaker Hood, elastomeric colored bumpers, and the Spicer-built Dana 60 rear axle were available. The Shaker Hood was available with 340, 383, 440 4-barrel, 440 six-barrel, and 426 Hemi engines. The elastomeric colored bumpers were available as a front-only option, code A21, or as a front and rear combination, option code A22. The heavy-duty Dana 60, with a 9.75 in ring gear, was standard equipment with manual transmissions and 440 six-barrel and 426 Hemi engines, and was optional on those with the automatic transmission.

Why I would want one: The 1970 'Cuda was the best-looking of the third-generation Barracuda, and also the most powerful since horsepower ratings began to decline in the years that followed due to increasing problems from insurance companies and gas emissions.

Fun fact: The high-performance models were marketed as 'Cuda deriving from the 1969 option. 

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