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AJ's Car of the Day '72 Ford Mustang Grande' Coupe
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Car: Ford Mustang Grande Coupe

Year: 1972

What makes it special: The 1971-73 Mustang was available in five different body styles, with the Grandé version the most forgotten model of them all. The Grandés came in coupe form only. The Grandé coupes focused on luxury, as reflected in their more expensive list price. Sophisticated with their padded vinyl roofs and deluxe wheel covers, the Grandé was available with any engine option, which permitted buyers to order themselves a real sleeper.

What made it famous: The entire Mustang engine lineup was available in the Grandé. All 1971-73 engines were of an overhead-valve design and rock-solid reliable with cast-iron blocks and cylinder heads. The standard engine in the 1972 Grandé was the 250-cu.in. straight-six producing 98hp, while the smallest V8 engine on the option list was the 302 cu.in. with 9.0 compression and 140hp. There were three optional 351 cu.in. V8's, the least powerful developed 240hp with a Motorcraft 2-barrel carb. The second 351 produced 280hp with a Motorcraft 4-barrel. The top-of-the-line 351 featured 330hp, 1with 1.1 compression and a Holley 4-barrel carb. There were six transmissions available all three years: a Ford-built 3-speed manual, two 4-speed manuals, C-6 automatic, C-4 automatic and FMX automatic. All transmissions featured floor-mounted shifters.

Why I would want one: I like the "sleeper" aspect of the car, the fact that up till 1971 you could have the Grande' with a 429 Cobra-Jet V8 under the hood is just one fun surprise to unleash to an unsuspecting person at the stoplight.

Fun fact: The Ford Mustang is hands-down one of the most popular cars ever produced. A runaway success from the start, there are millions of them still on the road. 

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