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AJ's Car of the Day '63 Oldsmobile F-85 Club Coupe
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Car: Oldsmobile F-85 Club Coupe

Year: 1963

What makes it special: With Ford selling Falcon's in large numbers, AMC with their Rambler and Chevrolet doing the same with their Corvair, Oldsmobile wanted in on the act, and its entry was the F-85, the base of the Cutlass line. It was a stylish, high-compression V8 powered derivative in Club Coupe, sedan, and station wagon styles, with a convertible style joining the ranks in 1962. They were never built in the huge numbers of the Falcon. A modest restyle for the 1963 model year added four inches to the F-85's overall length, and its design was considerably more squared off than the 1961-1962 models.

What made it famous: If you're not one to follow the crowd, the F-85 represents a truly unique choice in this segment of 1960s automobiles. F-85s were all V8 powered, featuring an all-aluminum block from Buick, but with Oldsmobile's own heads with wedge-shaped combustion chambers. At just 215 cu.in., it's no big-block, but thanks to sky-high 10.75:1 compression, the little engine developed 195hp at 4,800 RPM. With just 2,700 pounds to push around, F-85s offer performance unlike anything you'll find out of a Falcon or a Rambler Classic.

Why I would want one: Actually, had one...in convertible style. Great car, fun to drive, performed well.

Fun fact: The downside to the 1963 Oldsmobile F-85, Cutlass and Starfire is that they were a 1-year only body style that were not produced in large numbers, making body parts and trim a huge challenge. Also, the rights to it's 215 Aluminum block V8 were sold to Land Rover, so the 215 V8 from GM was discontinued. Another challenge to find parts for the engine as well. 

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