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AJ's Car of the Day '63 Plymouth Sport Fury Coupe
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Car: Plymouth Sport Fury Hardtop

Year: 1963

What makes it special: A conservative restyle graced the Plymouth Fury for 1963, with four headlights and vertical front fender lines. The smooth flow of the roofline into the rear quarter panel was a well liked styling touch in the Fury. Other cars that had similar lines where some 1963 Chryslers as well as the 1963 Buick Riviera. The exterior ornamentation also aided to the success of the Fury. All window surrounds and body side moldings were stainless steel. Chrome die cast was used between the tail lamps for a clean look, with Plymouth badging attached.

What made it famous: The front turn signals were mounted high on the fenders, and although easier to damage in that configuration, they were well accepted. These lamps were unique because of their white lenses. The Sport Fury's had three engine options, the 318 cid, the 361 Commando engine with a 2 bbl. Carb, and the 383 cid Golden Commando engine with a 4 bbl. Carb. A 426 Wedge and a 426 Max Wedge was also available in limited production. Transmission-wise, there were none better than the push-button Torqueflites at the time as the automatics were eating the manuals for lunch at the drag strip. The Torqueflite was the only respected automatic in the industry.

Why I would want one: Its overall look just has a cool/meaness to it. Love the styling and the various V8 engine options.

Fun fact: 1963 was the last year for a pushbutton automatic with bucket seats. They had survived longer at Chrysler than at any other automaker. The 1964 model year was seeing the return of the console shifter. 

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