AJ's Car of the Day '50 Packard Custom Eight Sedan

Car: Packard Custom Eight Sedan

Year: 1950

What makes it special: Packard was a uxury automobile marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan. The first Packard automobiles were produced in 1899, and the last true Packard in 1956, when they built the Packard Predictor, their last concept car.

What made it famous: The design chosen was a "bathtub" type. While this was considered futuristic for the 1948–1950 Packard styling. To some it was sleek and blended classic with modern; others nicknamed it the "pregnant elephant". The Eight and Deluxe Eight lines had 288 cu in engines throughout the three year production, rated at 135 hp. These cars rode a 120-inch wheelbase. The Super Eight line had 327 cubic inch engines throughout the same period, rated at 150 hp. The Custom Eight line had the massive nine main bearing 356 cubic inch engine, rated at 160 hp.

Why I would want one: I once considered these to be ugly, but over the years I've come to see them as very good looking and appreciate the unique design.

Fun fact: 1949 was Packard’s Golden Anniversary year, and the company produced 2,000 cars in custom gold paint.