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AJ's Car of the Day '63 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday Coupe
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Car: Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday Coupe

Year: 1963

What makes it special: Oldsmobile 88's were a full-size model sold and produced from 1949 until 1999. From 1950 to 1974 the 88 was the division's top-selling line, particularly the entry-level models such as the 88 and Dynamic 88. The 88 series was also an image leader for Oldsmobile, particularly in the early years when it was one of the best performing automobiles thanks to its relatively small size, light weight and advanced overhead-valve high-compression V8 engine. A large number of variations were seen over this long model run, Futuramic, Super, Golden Rocket, Dynamic, Jetstar, Delta, Delmont, Starfire, Holiday, L/S, LSS, Celebrity, and Royale were used at various times with the 88 badge.

What made it famous: 1963 full-sized Oldsmobiles continued with the basic 1962 body. It was wider and featured creased sharp angles which were similar to the new Pontiac Grand Prix. 1963 also brought about GM's across-the-board adoption of the straight angled windshield "A" pillar on all full-size production vehicles. Models and drivetrains in both the Dynamic 88 and Super 88 series were unchanged from 1962. Engines were 280 hp for the standard engine in the Dynamic 88 thanks to a higher compression ratio that demanded the use of premium fuel with a regular-fuel 260 hp version was offered as a no-cost option, 330 horses for the "Skyrocket" V8 standard on Super 88 and Ninety-Eight and 345 horsepower for the top Starfire Rocket V8. Oldsmobile marketing continued to use the trade names of "Roto-matic Power Steering" and "Pedal-eeze Power Brakes". Options that year included a "tilt-away" steering wheel that could be adjusted to six positions,, six-way power seats, AM/FM radio and cruise control.

Why I would want one: The looks. This is just a gorgeous car from a styling point of view.

Fun fact: With the large, high performance V8, the Oldsmobile 88 is widely considered to be the first muscle car, although this title is disputed.

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