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Stuff You Should Know - What record does "The Wolf of Wall Street" hold, sharks that tweet, and just how cold will it get in Connecticut tonight?

It's gonna be cold tonight - and not just the wind chill, here are some predicted temperatures for tonight (hint: it'll be below zero in much of Connecticut!) 

The most notorious Broadway musical of all time, U2's "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has finally closed

So that ship that rescued the people stuck in the ice on another ship in Antarctica? They're in danger of getting stuck too

A new Norwalk-based ice cream company has unveiled a new brand of ice cream made from tea

"The Wolf of Wall Street" has an interesting record - the F-word is uttered 506 times in 180 minutes

Sharks are now tweeting (they've been tagged and send tweets when they're close to shore) - now all we need is for them to have lasers on their heads

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