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Stuff You Should Know - 7/14/14

Credit: PR Photos

Get ready for a couple of wild weather days in Connecticut


You can watch every single “South Park” for free right now (but only until September 24)


Have you ever wanted to hear Dwight Yoakam cover Creedence? No? Well, now you can!


Sammy Hagar’s about the hit the road, and it looks like he’ll be covering Led Zeppelin if rehearsals are any indication


After their tour with Def Leppard comes to an end, KISS will have a residency in Las Vegas


RIP to Tommy - the last original Ramone


Well I know where I’m going for lunch today - Pizza Hut has unveiled their “pizza cookie” today!


A crazy scene in Stamford outside a nightclub – five people were shot and it was all caught on camera


We can never get enough of the Cos – Billy Cosby has a new TV show in the works


Radiohead is in the studio, and a new album is coming in September


Christopher Walken as a singing/dancing Captain Hook? It’s happening!


Great news this weekend as Tracy Morgan was released from the hospital


A lot of people went to see “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” this weekend

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