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Gear Up: Nap Time Office Chair

Name: Nap Time Office Chair
What Does It Do: The most ingenious desk chair you’ll ever find!
How Much: $399
Fun Fact: I already know plenty of people here that sleep at their desks without this chair Read more...

Gear Up: Lightmode Motorcycle Helmets

Name: Lightmode Motorcycle Helmets
What Does It Do: Make yourself more visible to motorists at night while riding your bike
How Much: $65
Fun Fact: Yes, it’s like “Tron” – that’s literally the only reason I need to want this Read more...

Gear Up: Dashboard Heads Up Display

Name: Dashboard Heads Up Display
What Does It Do: The future of driving projects whatever is on your phone or GPS
How Much: $299.99
Fun Fact: I’m still waiting for an in dash display on my car! Read more...

Gear Up: Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Name: Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub
What Does It Do: Take it with you wherever you go!
How Much: $550
Fun Fact: I feel like I’d rather have this than a permanent hot tub Read more...

Gear Up: Guitar Doorbell

Name: Guitar Doorbell
What Does It Do: A real, authentic guitar hangs above the door and strums whenever guests enter
How Much: $139.95
Fun Fact: You know you still gotta keep it in tune though… Read more...

Beer Mug: Brown Ale

Name: Brown Ale
Brewery: Upslope Brewing Company
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Taste: The rich, malty backbone balances an assertive hop character, and ends with a smooth,  dry finish.  Our Brown Ale boasts a dark brown body that supports a creamy tan head.
What makes it special? Our medium-bodied Brown Ale is brewed in the  English tradition, with an infusion of American creativity. Read more...

Gear Up: Om/One Levitating Speaker

Name: Om/One Levitating Speaker
What Does It Do: A Bluetooth connected conversation piece – that gives great sound!
How Much: $180
Fun Fact: This totally looks like something out of “Star Wars,” right? Read more...

Stuff You Should Know - 8/29/14

President Clinton comes to New Haven next week, plus we say goodbye to 860 area codes, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen, Weezer, Jack “The Snake” Roberts, and filming for “Star Wars Episode VII” is back on! All that and more in today’s Stuff You Should Know! Read more...